Thursday, March 6, 2014

Trying not to get too political, but......
Some snippets of commentaries I read this morning that deserve some thought.......
re: 2008....Only four months ago, Mr. Bush and Mr. Putin met in Sochi, the Russian resort only miles from Georgia, and signed a "framework agreement" that pledged cooperation on a variety of diplomatic and security matters and declared that "the era in which the United States and Russia considered one another an enemy or strategic threat has ended."
2008 Russia invades Georgia.....

Our good guy/bad guy rubric is not consistent, however. We support young democracies, until election results don't fit our preferred narrative. We decry brutal, autocratic regimes, but make exceptions for countries with important economic or historical ties. And former enemies can become friends -- black hats exchanged for white -- when the confluence of democratic change, political alignment and economic interests align.

A weaker US seems to have a lot to do with degrading the office by way of the commercial minded interests of so called "news". If the hype sells more adverti'zzzzing' (and votes) go for it! ....after five years of telling the world how weak we are, why shouldn't they believe it.
The worlds perception of highest office in the world and the person holding that office are inseparable. Continually degrading and subverting one of coarse puts a lasting stain on the other. Disagreeing and fighting for change is our we do it effectively and respectfully our responsibility.

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